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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Schedule

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Billion Stars Express VIP 00:30 - 05:43SGD 58.81
Billion Stars Express VIP 02:00 - 07:19SGD 59.06
Billion Stars Express Express 05:45 - 10:51SGD 32.77
Billion Stars Express Express 06:15 - 11:21SGD 59.09
Billion Stars Express Express 08:00 - 13:13SGD 32.77
Transtar Travel Express 10:00 - 19:27SGD 94.10
Billion Stars Express VIP 13:00 - 18:10SGD 52.91
Malaysia Airlines Economy #MH573415:25 - 16:25$ 377.67
Scoot Economy #TR46817:20 - 18:35SGD 147.26
Billion Stars Express VIP 18:15 - 23:34SGD 82.60
Billion Stars Express VIP 21:45 - 02:43SGD 52.91
Sri Maju Group VIP 24 22:00 - 03:06SGD 32.94

Transportation from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Facts about the transport from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Cheapest Transport$26
Fastest Transport1h
Earliest Departure12:30 AM
Latest Departure11:59 PM
Departures per day152
Distance474 kilometers
Transport CompaniesAirAsia, Billion Stars Express, Ethiopian Airlines, Jetstar Asia, KKKL Express SG, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, StarMart SG, Super Nice Express, Transtar Travel, Transtar Travel SG

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Destination Reviews

- Very comfy - Beware of bad traffic in the morning - We couldn’t find the super nice booth but they called us. Thanks! - Good AC, Good bus
Bus Express, Super Nice Express, Sep 24, 2023
Comfortable bus and sympathetic driver, however, a compliance with Super Nice Express who works from the office in Boon Lay was very rude, it seemed that I was doing me a favor and could not give clear instructions on the boarding on the bus.
Bus Express, Super Nice Express, Aug 13, 2023
Very fast , from Singapore to kuala lumpur In 5 hours . I very happy Supernice is good
Bus Express, Super Nice Express, Jul 26, 2023
We booked a VIP bus at 10:00 that showed it should take 5hrs. Arrived at the pick up point half an hour early as advised, to be told our type of ‘vip’ bus wouldn’t be there until 1pm but there was space on the bus about to leave, which was just a normal coach. Advised we would arrive in KL around 3-4pm. Our coach left at 9:40 and arrived in KL 19:30. It took almost 3 hours to get through the border due to very long traffic queues and then long queues for passport control. The bus was fine if the journey had been 5hrs but for 10hrs it was too cramped. I cannot see how this journey could have happened any quicker so would advise to expect the longer advertised time for the buses rather than 5hrs. Disappointing to pay more and end up with the cheaper service. Driver was patient at crossings at waited for everyone’s return. One stop at a service station around 2 hrs before KL.
Bus VIP, Billion Stars Express, Jun 4, 2023
Good trip. But there was really no reason to be waiting at the departure location 30 minutes prior to departure time. Five minutes before would be fine. I noted that the bus did leave promptly on time.
Bus Express, Transtar Travel, May 25, 2023
The drivers speaks so loud during the all travel
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Mar 28, 2023
Bus was lovely, spacious, very good AC. Trip took an extra hour due to traffic by the boarder but otherwise was good! Make sure to exchange the 12go voucher for the actual ticket. We arrived in plenty of time and someone showed us where to go.
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Mar 16, 2023
It was ok. Took longer than 5 hours tho. Old and dirty bus, but for the price I let that slide. Overall okay, not too bad. Great alternative if you’re on a budget! ONE THING THO, be aware that there will be stops at the border, which takes some time (passport etc), and there is gonna be a long «food/toilet» break at a food hall. This requires cash, every stand and food place in there only accepts cash. THERE IS NO ATM THERE. We were not aware before travelling, so make sure you have some Malaysian Myr, if not you will end up starving and bring thirsty like me and my friend. Bus drivers did also either speak and understood english, some words but…
Bus VIP 24, Sri Maju Group, Feb 20, 2023
Arrived 4hrs later than planned, Seats were very comfy tho
Bus Express, Super Nice Express, Feb 16, 2023
I walked all over the complex and there was no bus. I messaged their support team and no one got back to me (not even 2 days later, I'm still waiting). Basically spent an hour panicking and sweating asking people where to board and no one heard of this bus and where it stopped. The ticket information is 100% wrong or they arrived extremely early or late. I realized later i got an email the night before saying the bus was two hours ahead of schedule. So does that mean boarding was 2 hours ahead of the agreed time?? That makes no sense. Better to go to the bus station directly, not Lavender street stop, and not Billion Stars! Take Super Nice, I was very happy with them
Bus Express, Super Nice Express, Feb 3, 2023
823 customer reviews

How to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Travelling between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is possible by Flight and bus. Flight guarantees the fastest travel on this route. Bus is the slowest option.

The most expensive ticket will cost you USD 372.30 if you go by flight; to keep it budget-friendly, opt for a bus which will set you back mere USD 25.38.

How long does it take to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

It can take you anywhere between 1 and 10 hours to travel between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur depending on the means of transport you choose.

Flight is the fastest way to travel between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Flight will bring you to your destination in 1h. Bus does a much slower job and take about 9h 28m to reach Kuala Lumpur.

How much does it cost to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

Travelling between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur can be as cheap as USD 25.38 if you opt for a Billion Stars Express bus and as expensive as USD 372.30 if you buy a Singapore Airlines flight ticket.

Here is the list of how much you can expect to pay travelling by each means of transport available for this route.

How many trips per day are there between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur ?

  • 115 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur starting from 00:30 Kovan Hub Bus Terminal until 23:59 Golden Mile Tower
  • 37 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur starting from 06:40 Singapore Airport until 23:25 Singapore Airport

Check above for a bus, train, flight and ferry timetable from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

What mode of transportation is the best one for my route?


Flying is the fastest and often the most expensive way to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, but with a bit of luck you can score very good deals for as little as USD 112.09.

Things to remember: Note that some of the airlines may have restrictions on checked luggage weight or require paying extra for check-in, choosing seats or transportation of oversized luggage.

If opting for a flight, calculate the time you will spend getting to and from the airports as well as the waiting time before your flight, getting through immigration in case of an international flight and recovering your checked luggage.

In certain cases all these procedures can add no less than 5 hours to your total travel time.

Airlines flying between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

AirAsia, Ethiopian Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Scoot, Singapore Airlines


Travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur overland will inevitably take longer but in many cases it is the cheapest option if you opt for a bus.

Things to remember: For a more comfortable ride opt for a higher-class bus wherever possible. These buses usually have soft reclining seats and are equipped with air-conditioning and on-board toilets.

They often include water, snacks or a light lunch into your ticket price and make bathroom stops en-route.

Companies operating bus routes between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Billion Stars Express, KKKL Express SG, StarMart SG, Super Nice Express, Transtar Travel, Transtar Travel SG

What is the most popular transport to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

There is a choice of transportation means any time of the day with Bus remaining the most popular option due to their reasonable pricing and comfort.

Out of 1000 travellers who bought tickets for this route

  • 98% opted for a bus
  • 2% decided to fly